Zenithal basecoat using airbrush

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During Hussar 2011 competition – the greatest Polish painting contest (22.10.2011) - there were some painting classes done by such a great artists as Ana and Camelson. I have had to prepare some minis for classes participants (thanks to using projector during this workshop, everybody was able to try shown technics on his own).

I’ll present a fast tutorial showing how you can paint a really good zenithal basecoat on your minis.
Let’s start:

1) A solid black basecoat done with a can. It’s much faster than using airbrush.

2) Now it’s time to make a first layer of zenital light. It’s better to use airbrush than a can, because it gives much smoother effect. You can also precisely choose which elements will be lighten. Remember to add some medium to your grey paint while using an airbrush. I prefer a flow improver medium. Paint your mini from above – just as if there was sun in zenith. You can of course lighten some elements you want to be brighter then others, e.g some fokal points – it may be a sword that you want to paint in bright colours (maybe yellow?).
3) Next, white layer is painted in a similar way. Just remember to leave some areas already painted in grey. White paint should be just in most lighten areas. While using airbrush one may have problems with white paint – which (probably because of specific white pigment) dries fast and may stick up your airbrush. To avoid such a problem I add some flow improver and also some glaze medium. Glaze medium has some retarder medium in it, so don’t add to much glaze medium to your paint. Otherwise your paint will be drying for ages.
4) Some tips:
  • you can use different colours, try cold/warm colours for priming. It’s how you can create a general cold/warm effect on the whole mini.
  • personally, I prefer to make lighten areas quite big. On light primer you can paint some saturated colours and nice glazes.

Priming step by step:
A squad ready for painting classes:
Cheers! Przemo

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